D-ISP for Developers

Using D-ISP in the Cloud

Cloud Native

D-ISP integrates with your Cloud Native Infrastructure - Bare Metal, Hybrid, or Cloud. Build a Secure Subsystem for Kubernetes Implementations using D-ISP's access control features.

Document Model

D-ISP's Document Data Model allows for Flexibility in your Application Design. Its Entity-bound, Entity-centric, Entity-controlled access brings control over the NoSQL database.

REST Resource Model

D-ISP's REST-based Resource Model provides easy access to Data. Schema-agnostic, it opens flexibility you've never had before.


D-ISP can be sharded for millions of ops per second.

GDPR Compliance

D-ISP's Relationship Identifiers allow instant revocation of access. This provides GDPR's "right to be forgotten" requirement without losing access to data for others.

Open Source Modules

D-ISP's Open Source Modules provide integrations with many Cloud Providers. Host on Bare Metal, Hybrid or Cloud Provider Platforms.